Fitbloggin (Part 2): Crossfit, Flashmobs, Waffles, and Dancing

After an intense first day of Fitbloggin’, day 2 of Fitbloggin’ featured some more morning workouts, sessions, making friends and then exploring Portland a little bit. After having some delicious breakfast (and losing track of time) I caught the last bit of the session discussing how to set health and fitness goals. The Reebok-sponsored Crossfit session was next and I definitely wanted to check that out since a lot of my friends have started doing Crossfit and I wanted to try it out for myself. But first…a flash mob.


Yes, I experienced my first flash mob and it was everything I thought it would be. It was choreographed and everything! It was just a feel-good moment because there were all different types of people dancing/grooving to what sounded like a disco-era song and they were happy! No judging, no snarky comments, just support (a little jealousy for not being a part of it) and love. I could have hugged the person next to me and he/she would have instinctively hugged right back.

After the flashmob ended, it was on to crossfit. This was the one session people were afraid of because we had all heard and saw how intense Crossfit can be . However, I learned that this crossfit session was just a taste of what was to come, for me at least. We were instructed by local Crossfit coaches from Stumptown and Mt. Hood and they walked us through a dynamic warm-up before getting into our mini session: 5 pushups, 7 sit ups and 9 air sqauts. You had to do that in succession as many times as possible within four minutes. I lasted 5 sets before I felt like I was just flailing on the ground like a fish without water. But even in the little time we did Crossfit, I was sore the next day. If you’ve never done it before, I highly recommend it.  I made a point to visit the REFUEL table and get some chocolate milk after my workout because if there was ever a need to refuel…it was after doing Crossfit.

After milling about, I went to some awesome sessions that taught me a ton about how to be more tech savvy and a better blogger.

The rest of the day was spent milling about downtown Portland and taking in the sites. Portland has a serious food truck community. A group of us had decided to check out the food truck scene and get lunch from them. There were so many different kinds of foods: paleo, thai, burgers, korean, etc. I found a waffle truck and I had THE MOST DELICIOUS WAFFLE ever.


A chunky monkey waffle: nutella, bananas, candied pecans, caramel sauce and I added bacon to it.


the waffle truck that produced my delicious lunch.























I did a lot of wandering during my time in Portland. I just like to walk around. After some more wandering, I met up with my new friends to go the rooftop bar at the hotel. I didn’t even know the hotel had a rooftop bar! It was faaaaancy. I had never been to a rooftop bar before, much less in a really nice hotel. I felt like I was in an episode of Sex and the City. I was good and only had one drink 🙂 (and it was so good, I wish I remembered what was in it). We may have also been people-watching looking for the crossfit instructors who taught our session earlier. They were so friendly!


These ladies are awesome! Deanna, Dani and Monica are so inspiring and fun just meeting them made my trip so much more enjoyable. We became instant friends and I am so glad to have met them!


Why yes, you can by me a drink!










After our drinks we went downstairs to the reception, danced the night away and just really had a great time! The reception was sponsored by Nutrilite and they had a tasting of their new Body Key protein shakes. I brought some of their things home to give a more in-depth taste-testing (I’ll let you know how they are). I can honestly say that everyone there had some serious dance moves. At no point was I embarrassed to be witnessing really bad dancing. Even our celebrity chef got in on the dancing (I didn’t get really good photos of him, he was too fast!).  I just let myself have fun and I ended up in a dance circle, a soul-train-esque dance line and some group dancing! I would never have done this before, especially with people I’ve never met before. It was really envigorating and a ‘wow’ moment for me. Waking up the next morning was interesting considering we had a 5K run/walk to do at 7:30am. By the third day I was so sore and it would only get worse.

Aside from meeting Monica, Dani and Deanna I also made friends with a bunch of other bloggers including these fabulous ladies: Nellie, Pilar, Renisha and Kimberly. They’re from all different parts of the country and have all different journeys they’re on.

fitbloggin 2013 girls

My new FitDiva girls! Myself, Nellie, Pilar, Renisha, and Kimberly. (photo credit from Pilarinmotion)


Pilar, Kimberly and Myself at the Portland, Oregon sign during our 5K walk.


















Everything about this trip represented risks for me: my first cross-country trip (and trip without Matt), my first conference, my first zumba class, my first crossfit class. I really tried to have as much fun and put myself out there more than I ever have.  I came back with so many new friends, new accomplishments, and new revelations about myself and what I can accomplish. I am certainly going to go back next year and I’m also going to make a point of keeping in touch with all the inspiring and awesome people I met during my trip.

I wanted to include some other photos from my trip, so I made a little gallery! Enjoy 🙂

Next post: My First REAL Crossfit Experience (and how I lived to tell the tale). The taste wasn’t enough, so the owner of Crossfit Stumptown invited some of us to try out a full crossfit workout.

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